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Maybe you have already heard of it. In the EU, a new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be introduced on 25.05.2017. As always Germany takes it very precisely which entails numerous changes in the online business, not to despise the penalties that threaten us entrepreneurs!

We’ve implemented most of the required measurements on- and offline. The privacy policy is just being redone by a law firm, but then we are hopefully ready 🙂

For us, data protection in particular the protection of your personal data has always been a big concern. However, we used the new GDPR as an opportunity to examine different things more closely.

As a result, we e.g. have deleted our profiles in the social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. We just cannot guarantee that third parties will not read along and what these third parties will do with your data if you contact us via social media, and thus we cannot protect the data.

There are also new obligations in the GDPR for newsletters. We have to prove when a subscriber has registered and prove through a so-called double opt-in confirmation that the subscriber has actually registered himself. We already had double opt-in, but we did not have the correct storage of the sign-up in place as required by the German regulatory authorities. Therefore, we have taken a drastic step and today deleted our complete subscriber list.

However, we hope that you will remain faithful to us by signing up again for our newsletter on this page: Newsletter Sign-Up. Please remember to also confirm the email.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to sending you our newsletter again soon.

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