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There are many questions that are asked again and again. That is why we want to offer you a small overview here, where you might already find the answer to your question:
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Bathing – how often?

The following has been written by Monique van de Ven, studied animal geneticist, coach for veterinarians and groomer and instructors at the Iv San Bernard Academy:

Bathe or not to bathe is the question – Why do we ask ourselves if we should bathe our dogs or not bathe? Why are there still so many dog owners who believe it is better not to bathe dogs?

The hair (or coat) of cats and dogs protects and isolates their bodies and helps to maintain their body temperature. A healthy coat protects the body from heat loss and mosquitoes. The coat also acts as protection against ultraviolet radiation, heat, cold, moisture and other external influences. This is why, in principle, according to the breed, a healthy coat helps to keep the dog healthy.

Each type of coat has de facto special needs and a good groomer should be able to recognize this and then implement the correct information about the particular facts.

Many important metabolic processes take place on the skin surface, such as peripheral aromatization of oestrogens and androgens. The immune system of the skin has one of the most important protective functions against microorganisms, allergies and parasites.

The skin glands produce a protective layer useful for skin protection, which plays a fundamental role as an external chemical inhibitor against damaging substances. It is referred to as an acid protection coat, the hydro lipid film produced by sweat and sebaceous glands. The fats contained therein allow a better antibacterial function than the lipids produced by the skin glands.

The PH value of the dog skin (healthy dogs) ranges from 5.9 to 6.9, while it is sufficient for the soles of the paws from 7.1 to 7.4. It must be known that a lower PH value (slightly acidic) has more bacteria-inhibiting and bactericidal activity.

Other important facts and measures that lead to a healthy dog

  • Grooming products are very important.
  • For a professional product range you need products with the corresponding PH value 6.5.
  • A shampoo can simply cleanse or contain special substances that penetrate into the skin to fulfil a certain purpose or effect.
  • Very important is the conditioner! You should never bathe the dog with shampoo without using a conditioner that is adapted to the different hair types – short, medium, long, junior or senior.
  • Conditioners close the skin pores.
  • Hair care products and water remove dirt, skin debris and unwanted substances.
  • Each breed has its own special needs, for example: the Labrador Retriever is a dog suitable for the water, which therefore needs more grease (oils) than other breeds. These oils are blended perfectly with conditioner.
  • A good groomer should be able to accurately dose what the dog she or she is treating needs.
  • We can bathe for the purpose of preservation or beauty or as a dermatological treatment at the cosmetic level. Good grooming and good veterinary treatment do not interfere with each other. On the contrary, they complement each other.
  • Never use products developed for people and never shampoos without a conditioner following!
  • Normally, a dog should be bathed (once a month), as the skin is self-sufficient during this period. This period can change if the dog is living in the city or if he needs a hair treatment, for example a special SPA treatment.
  • We should never forget that 300 years ago people died prematurely due to lack of hygiene. Always care for good hygienic conditions!

This is a recommendation by Iv San Bernard for the well-being of your best friend and living together in harmony! Monique van de Ven – International Technician – Iv San Bernard Education

Brushing your dog

Every dog should get brushed regularly to remove dead hair, dander and dirt. If your dog is short-haired, it is very easy. Just take a quality bristle brush, i.e. Yento and brush out the coat well.

Brushing a long-haired dog is slightly more extensive. Try to brush your long-haired dog daily. Even if a puppy not need to be brushed as often, you should make it a routine as early as possible to accustom your dog to lay on its side while getting brushed.

Our recommendation for brushes, combs and grooming sprays:
Vellus Static Stabilizer, alternative Iv San Bernard PEK
Mason Pearson Bristle & Nylon Brush, alternative Yento Nylon-Bristle Brush
Chris Christensen Slicker Brush, alternative Doggy Man Slicker Brush
large Chris Christensen Buttercomb #000, alternative Show Tech Comb Pro Kombi
small Chris Christensen Buttercomb #006, alternative Show Tech Comb Mini

You can groom your dog on the floor, the couch or wherever you want to, but we advise you to always groom on a table. Your back will thank you for it later. Start your grooming training by doing short sessions only and brush very gently with the Mason Pearson Brush. Talk to your dog and use treats to reward it. You will see, not long and your dog will enjoy brushing!

First mist your dog’s hair with the grooming spray. Vellus Static Stabilizer. This prevents the coat from breaking and it helps loosen any mats or tangles. Fold the top layer of hair over so you can see the skin. Gently brush and detangle the hair section by section using the Mason Pearson Brush starting at the paws and moving up to the middle of the back. To work out any large tangles or mats you can use the Chris Christensen Slicker Brush.

While brushing, make sure you hold the brush flat. Holding the brush at an angle will rip the coat and scratch your dog’s skin. Brush the entire coat, not just the top. To brush the legs, gently lift up the leg and brush the inner side of the leg, too. When one side is complete, turn your dog over and now brush its side. Once both sides are well brushed put the dog in a standing position. Now brush the head, chest and tail. Next comb the face from the bottom of the eyes down to the sides with the large Chris Christensen Buttercomb and again with the small Chris Christensen Face and Feet Buttercomb.

After you are finished, use the larger Buttercomb to comb through the whole coat again to make sure that all of it has been properly brushed. Glide the comb through the hair gently. If there is any resistance, the brushing must be done again until the comb goes through the hair with no difficulty. To end the session, brush the hair gently with the Mason Pearson Brush to give it the desired fall.

Brushing a well-trained long-haired dog should take you less than half hour.

Collar or Harness?

Collar or harness is a controversial topic among dog owners. Some people swear by collars for their dogs, yet many others condemn them and swear by harnesses.

Our wardrobe is filled with various types and styles of collars, harnesses and leads, but our absolute favourites and recommendation for all small dogs are the curli Vest Air-Mesh.

Why? The curli harness fits around the entire chest area, to distribute pressure evenly. The snap hook to attach the lead is stitched crosswise for even weight distribution. Even if your dog pulls on the leash, he can still breathe freely.

To put on the curli harness is a breeze. You open the buckle and let the dog step in, one leg right, one leg left, and close the buckle on the back. No uncomfortably pulling over the head and fiddling around the belly. The air mesh fabric is a combination of breathable material. The fibre between the two fabrics keeps an air pocket for optimal comfort.

To sum it up: no chafing, no pressure marks and rings touching the skin – pure comfort.

Dirty Faces

Who does not know this? Especially long-haired dogs look as if they have been digging their faces in the dirt after they ate. Now you should not bathe your dog every day. We recommend a so called dry-shampoo for the quick clean if needed. It is not actually dry, but it does not need to be rinsed out and dries by itself in short time.

We offer the dry shampoo by #1 All Systems, the Self Rinse Shampoo. It is a concentrate, you mix with water. Just fill the mixture in a small spray bottle and you always have it ready for use. Or you can get the ready-to-use Wonder Wash by Plush Puppy. You spray the self-rinse mixture or Wonder Wash onto the dirty/stained area, rub in with a towel, let it dry, done! You may of course use a hair dryer to speed up the drying.

Also a quick solution for cleaning paws and butts…

If you do not like dry shampoos, we also have the Plush Puppy Let’s Face It for you in our product range. It is a foam you apply onto your dog’s face, but this needs to be rinsed off with water.

Ear Care

Some dogs have lop-ears. To prevent infections and dirty ears, cleaning the ears should become part of your grooming program.

Hold the ear up, put a bit of ear cleaner, e.g. Show Tech in each ear to dissolve the ear wax and massage the ears a few minutes gently.

Now wipe the ears with a cotton ball, use a new one for each ear. Please do not use a Q-tip and do not poke down deep to the ear canals! That could injure your dog.

If you dog has a lot of hair growing inside the ears, we recommend to pull them out, so that the air can circulate. Put some ear powder, for example by Bio-Groom, onto the ear hair, hold the ear open with one hand and with the fingers of your other hand pull the hair out. Most dogs don’t mind this, because it does not hurt.

Found product cheaper elsewhere

As far as possible, we try to calculate our prices according to the recommended retail prices of the manufacturers of our products. There are no hidden costs for any additional fees, let alone a charge for a customer hotline.

All retailers in Germany are free in their pricing as it is regulated by the German market economy. So it may well be that you find products cheaper at another store. We do not make any promises to beat every price found on the internet, but if you want to send us a link to the product, we can tell you if we offer you the same price, an even better one, or not.

Basically, we always advise our customers to closely look at a “too cheap to be true” shop. Where is the company headquarters? What are the payment and shipping conditions? Is there a customer service? Is there a phone number at all? Does the shop actually ship its goods? Or is your package arriving from Asia? Is it the original product?

Not uncommonly, customers tell us about their experiences with competitors and then order from us again. This just proves to us, our offers cannot be so wrong!

Local Pickup

We do not have a local store, but you are welcome to pick up your goods personally. As usual, you place your order online and choose the delivery method “Local pickup”.

When we have received your payment, we will immediately prepare your order for collection. Goods with the note “Delivery time: 1-3 business days” are usually available on the same day. You will receive an email as soon as your goods are packed. You can pick-up your order at our office/warehouse MO-FR between 10am-16pm.

You will find us at Friedrich-List-Str. 8 in 33100 Paderborn near flowers shop Risse in the industrial estate Benhauser Feld:
By bus
From the city centre take line 7, 8 or 28 to stop “Steubenstraße” – turn left onto Benhauser Str. – 1st street immediately turn right into Karl-Schurz-Str. – cross the zebra crossing 1st street left into Friedrich-List-Str.

From the city centre
From Heierswall turn left, from Gierswall turn right on the Detmolder Str. towards Marienloh – 8th street turn right into Steubenstr. – past the furniture store Roller over the intersection onto Karl-Schurz-Str. – 1st street turn left into Friedrich-List-Str.

From the A33 towards Paderborn
Exit Paderborn Zentrum – on the B64 towards direction Höxter / Bad Driburg – 3rd exit Paderborn-Ost / Gewerbegebiet Benhauser Feld – you are on the George-Marshall-Ring – straight on over the traffic lights intersection – turn left into Karl-Schurz-Str. – 4th street on your right into Friedrich-List-Str.

Our warehouse is in the third building on the right side. Free parking is available next to the building. From there you can also see the entrance to the office behind the front house.

We ask for your understanding that you cannot select and / or buy any other goods on site. Also a cash payment of your order is not possible.

Should you organise a logistic company to pick up your goods, such as in the case of food or vet bed orders from countries abroad, the freight forwarder appointed by you can pick up your goods at the address stated above.

Minimum Order Amount/Product Quantity

Is there a minimum order amount? Yes, we process orders from a minimum order value of 15.00 Euro excluding delivery costs. From an order value of 75.00 Euros your delivery within Germany is free of charge.

The products offered are sold to consumers in customary domestic quantities only.

Puppy Starter Kit

A small pup moves in with you. Surely you are pretty excited. But what does the new family member need? Perhaps your breeder already gave you a few tips, if not, hopefully the following check list helps you being prepared:


  • Maelson Kennel for the secure transport in your car
  • food & water bowl
  • dog bed made of soft material
  • cuddly blanket for your couch to prevent stains
  • vest & leash
  • Biodor Animal for cleaning (urine stains)
  • toys
  • snacks for treats, e.g. Magnusson


  • shampoo & conditioner
  • groomingspray
  • comb
  • bristle brush
  • pin brush
  • nail clipper
  • ear cleaner

You find everything for your pup in our shop in the category “Puppy Equipment“. We are happy to assist you personally if you have any questions. Give us a call or write an email.

Return Shipping Refund on PayPal

You have ordered goods in our shop that you do not like or that does not fit your dog? If you have paid for this order using PayPal, PayPal will offer you to reimburse the return shipping cost if you meet certain criteria. First, you need to activate this service in your PayPal account. Here is how it all works: Refunded Returns

This service is offered directly by PayPal and has nothing to do with the contractual terms between you and us. Please also note PayPal’s general conditions of use for your country: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and UK.

If you have further questions, please contact PayPal directly.

Shipping Restrictions

For some products especially of the categories food and vet beds there are restrictions on shipping. We do not ship these items with DHL Express and also not to EU countries abroad. You will find notes on possible shipping restrictions on the respective product page under the “Additional Information” tab.

If for example you added food or vet beds to your cart only the choice “Local Pickup” will be available as a shipping method, even if you additionally placed products from other categories in the cart. This means that your ordered goods must be picked up personally at our place or, if you live abroad, e.g. through a logistic company organised and paid for by you.

Sponsoring & Donations

We often receive requests for sponsoring of dog shows/events, tombola gifts and requests for donations. In Germany there are over 200 breeding clubs, in almost every town a dog school club, in addition numerous animal shelters and animal protection organizations.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to do justice to everyone. We regularly support institutions we personally know in our area. For furthers, no means are available. We therefore ask you to please refrain from inquiring about sponsoring.

Tear Stains

The most frequently asked question that reaches us, how do I remove tear stains. Actually, this affects all breeds, but in dogs with white coats it is, of course, more visible: red discoloration either side of the nose. There are countless products on the market, diverse fluids, chalk, pastes and powders, many contain bleach.

Before you buy any of these products, we recommend diagnosing the cause, because tear stains have many diagnoses: dentition to narrow, congested or no tear ducts, allergies and diseases such as ectropion, entropion or distichiasis. Please do not just consult your normal vet. There are specialists in ophthalmology in every larger veterinary clinic.

If no health problem is the cause, we recommend you first clean the eyes with the Show Tech No More Tear Stains by gently going over the eye from the outside to the inside along the side of the nose, follow the treatment of the discoloured areas with Baldecchi Powder and/or the Baldecchi Whitening Gel. The powder you can apply with a small cosmetic brush or a baby toothbrush, rub in gently with your fingers, so it absorbs the moisture, and comb out with a small face comb. The gel remains in the hair. You apply it, it hardens and the following you day you carefully brush it out. New tears are stopped from running down the sides.

When used correctly, the discolorations fade gradually. It just does not happen overnight. You have to treat the stains VERY consequently and REGULARLY. Please be careful that the powder is not rubbed in the eyes, because the tear ducts can become clogged. The gel should not be smeared into the eye either. Although both products are not harmful, foreign bodies in the eye naturally cause tearing again.

For extreme discolorations we recommend supplementing you dog’s food with the Show Tech Vitalize for a period of 90 days.

If you have a long-haired dog, do not cut off the stained hair, because when it grows back, it pricks in the eye and again and again irritation is caused followed by excess tearing. Therefore let the hair right and left of the muzzle properly grow long!

Transportation in car

By law, you are obligated to secure your cargo properly. “Cargo” according to the German road traffic regulations is the transportation of dogs. Thus you can be fined if your dog travels unsecured in your car.

§ 22.1 of the StVO (German Highway Code) – The load must be stored away and secured so that it does not slip, fall over, backwards and forwards, fall down or cause avoidable noise can even in emergency braking or sudden evasive movement.

There are several ways you can secure your dog: dog car seat, safety belt, separator grids or transport box.

We have the Maelson Soft Kennel for you. Heavy-duty nylon fabric and powder-coated steel frame make the kennel very stable. There are extra safety straps for seat belt attachment in the car. An additional advantage, sizes 52 and 62 have a carrying handle, so you can use the transport box as a pet carrier for your dog at the same time, ideal for bus and train travels.

Small dogs can also be secured well with the curli seat belt.

Urine Stains

To clean your floors and all surfaces and textiles you dog gets in touch with and to remove urine stains we recommend Biodor Animal. That is on one hand not dangerous for your dog and on the other hand it removes stains trace- and odourless.

Microbiological! Nature instead of chemistry, therefore well-tolerated by skin and coat.


Wishlists are a great way to save products for later, if you are not sure yet if you really want to buy them.

The wishlist feature in our shop is available to all logged in customers, so if you want to create a wishlist, you must first open a customer account and sign in to your account.

Now you can start. With every product you will find the option to add it to the wishlist. With the help of the wishlist you can save products that you like on your own personal list. You can set this list so that only you can see it, or you can send it to friends by e-mail.

You have the option to delete products on your wish list at any time or to add them directly to your shopping cart. Of course, you can also delete the complete wishlist again.

This list of FAQ will on-again off-again be amended. Of course we still answer all your questions in personal chats. You can call us on 0049-5251-542511, send us an email to and/or use our contact form.

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